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for Confessions of a Gay Curmudgeon

“A middle-aged gay New Yorker contends with toxic office politics, a brutal dating scene, and erectile dysfunction in this raucous comedy of manners. . . . A bawdy and entertaining view of a gay man’s midlife crisis.” —Kirkus Reviews

“Refreshing, eye-opening, different, brutally real.  Those are the four things that come to mind after reading this…. Yes, Viktor was a curmudgeon, maybe not as patient as he once was, maybe not as compassionate, maybe not the same, but he was so damn real and wonderful.  Life is change.  It’s how we react to that change that makes the difference.” —Love Unchained

“I found this book very entertaining…. It was refreshing to read about a middle-aged, ordinary man who wasn’t gorgeous or perfect in every way, and had the same struggles with lack of confidence and loneliness as many of us do. Well worth a read.” —Louise Lyons reviews

“Sometimes funny, sometimes deeply moving, and sometimes disturbing… the LOL moments made the whole thing worth it!” —Double A Author Services

“…Absorbing, thought-provoking, nicely steeped in contrasts between the elderly, the middle-aged, and the young.” —Donovan’s Literary Services